Hannah: A Fresh 48 Session

December 5, 2020

Five days after her due date, baby Hannah was still cozy and content in her mama’s belly.  With little signs of impending labor, Amanda and Chad headed to Labor and Delivery to be induced.  They kissed their children goodbye knowing that they would be a family of five the next time they were all together.

After starting Pitocin in the afternoon, Amanda was ready to meet her baby the following morning. Hannah April Rinde was born on January 15th at 7:25 am weighing 8 pounds, 13 oz and measuring 21.5 inches long.

After soaking up their first moments with Hannah, Mom and Dad were eager to reunite with their other children.  Nana and Ran-Ran brought big sister Leah and big brother Collin to meet their newest sibling. The children scrambled into mom’s lap to give her a long, heartfelt hug.  Once Dad brought Hannah over to the bed, both children were awestruck. The only pause in the snuggles was when Collin peeled back Hannah’s swaddle to make sure she had all ten fingers and toes.

After reading a book about their new baby,  Leah and Collin excitedly opened their gifts from Hannah. They were sure to squeeze their new stuffed bunnies in the family photos.

The room was filled with so much love and excitement for baby Hannah.  Congratulations to the Rinde’s! I know you all will cherish this time together as you welcome your new addition!

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