The River

December 21, 2020

The river throws



Carving its way through.



In search of the current.

I will come to shore with you.

-Allison Davidson

A few years ago, my husband suffered a frightening head injury on the river.  Since then, rivers have brought me a variety of complicated emotions. Rivers can offer a sense of serenity, but can also be unpredictable and perilous.  Respect the volatility of the river and your experience will be positive.

In the season of hearts, flowers and sweet gestures I felt compelled to share some reality.  Relationships are work. They are complicated and ever-changing. But, if you find the right person, it will bring more love, adventure, and fulfillment to your life then you could ever imagine.

This photo gallery features models Maria Gadow and Andrew Carson.  I felt compelled to share their magnetic connection and devotion toward each other.  Here’s to their adventure!

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