5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Next Photo Session

December 5, 2020

You’ve scheduled a photo session and you’re already planning where to display your new photos. Photo day comes and you feel like a bundle of nerves.  Maybe you’re nervous about posing in front of a camera. Maybe you don’t know what to wear.  Or maybe you’re nervous that your kids wont be on their best behavior.  Of course your photographer will be there to guide you, but what can you do to calm your nerves and get the most out of your photo session?

First let me be clear, at the end of the day it’s up to your photographer to execute their process to capture stunning photos for you and your family. The photographer is your biggest advocate – they are 100% invested in YOU from the first shutter click to photo delivery. With that being said, if you consider these 5 simple tips, you can maximize your experience and ultimately receive the result you desire.

1.  Know what to wear:

Is there a right or wrong thing to wear? No, it’s all about what you want to express!  However, wearing solid colors and minimizing distracting prints can help ensure that YOU are the star of the photos, not your attire.  Think about the setting of your photo session.  Will there be bright colors?  Lots of greenery?  An urban setting?  Try to plan to wear colors that will coordinate with the location.  While we’re talking about coordination, put some thought into your group’s ensemble.  Think coordinate, not match!  Wearing complementary colors can result in a cohesive image, and also bring more attention to each individual.

2.  What do I do with my hands?

During your session, part of your photographer’s job is to guide the posing for your photos.  While there are many poses to choose from, my personal favorites are the candid in-between moments.  These are the images that stop you in your tracks and capture the genuine connection that you share with your loved ones.  In my sessions, I find these to be the most remarkable pictures.  So, try to relax, have fun, and laugh A LOT. 

3.  Be aware of the time of day:

There’s always a photo opp, no matter the time of day.  However different times of day offer unique advantages.  The first hour of the morning and the last hour of daylight tend to offer that magical “golden light” (my favorite) that flatters everyone.  Sometimes schedules don’t allow for these types of sessions, so carefully-chosen locations and good lighting can offer the opportunity for bright, upbeat images.  Indoor settings, rain, and even nighttime provide their own unique moods, so be sure to communicate your vision with your photographer.

4.  Find the right fit:

Before booking your photo session, do some research to find the right artist.  Every photographer has their own unique skills and brand.  Browse through portfolios to determine if they offer the look you are wanting to achieve.  What emotions do you want your photos to convey?  Start a conversation with your potential photographer and make sure your styles are a good match.  You may find yourself feeling more confident in front of the camera.

5.  Communicate your vision:

Why did you hire a photographer?.  Be sure to communicate your vision with your photographer and mention any special things you want to include.  Who is going to be seeing your images?  Is there a prop you want to incorporate or a special pose that you want to try?  Discussing these things ahead of time will ensure nothing is missed.

Of course your photographer will guide you to capture your vision, but being mindful of these tips will ensure that you will love the images for years to come!

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