January Doesn’t Have to be so Glum

December 5, 2020

Is it just me or does January feel like it’s 99 days long?  My routine feels not-so-routine and I find myself pressing snooze too many times in the morning.  As soon as my toes hit the shockingly cold floor, I’m frantically reaching for the coffee pot to help me peel my eyes open.  Kids don’t give you much of a choice, as soon as they’re up they’re ready to GO GO GO! Where can I get that kind of energy? How do I motivate myself to refocus and get back in gear?

Rain or shine:

Find some time to get outside, no matter the weather.  Rainy day? Break out that new raincoat you got over the holidays and splash in some puddles with your kids (or dogs).  Too cold? Go for a short jog and you’ll warm up in no time. For me, winter is great for outdoor activities because we aren’t battling wildfire smoke and allergies aren’t knocking me down.  The air is crisp and clean.

Decorate your space:

You packed away the Christmas decorations and your space suddenly feels oh-so-bare.  The lights, cheery adornments and upbeat music have all been packed away and you’re left with silence (OK, maybe not silence if you have children).  What if you put the same energy into freshening up your space as you did for the holidays? Use that Target gift card you got for Christmas to get some fresh new decor (hello Hearth & Hand by Joanna Gaines!).  Put some fresh flowers in that pretty vase you never use. Download some music by a local artist. Frame those family photos you had taken over the holidays (or take some new ones!).

Set an intention:

Seriously, give it a try.  When you get out of bed, set an intention for your day ahead.  Keep it simple and remind yourself of it during the day when your coffee buzz is starting to wear off.  I personally love these intention cards from https://www.etsy.com/shop/thedrawingshack.  I pull one out in the morning and put in on my refrigerator for a constant reminder.  Changing your mindset can make a huge difference.

I’d love to hear how you shake the post-holiday fog and feel motivated!

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