Brighter Times Ahead

December 21, 2020

Spring is officially here, and the weather is beautiful! I find myself yearning for sunshine to refresh and improve my mindset during these strange and uncertain times. For those of you who don’t know, I live in Sacramento, California – and our city is under quarantine for the coronavirus. Some days feel painfully slow as one day bleeds into another. I find myself struggling to stay in any type of routine. I tend to thrive when I work toward a goal and keep myself busy. This change of pace is somewhat difficult for me, although it is a great time to reconnect with the simple things in life. I hope to emerge from this period of uncertainty with an improved ability to disconnect and balance my life.

While my photography business has temporarily slowed down at the present moment (hello social distancing!), I still feel the desire to create. Below you will find five free unique phone wallpapers I designed for you. I hope one of them resonates with you and serves as a small source of optimism. My inspiration was the simplicity of my daily life while quarantined in my home. Among the chaos and pain in the world, I have been lucky enough to fill my days with baby cuddles, long storytime sessions, and backyard chalk art. I hope when you reach for your phone to check in on a friend or look at the most recent updates in the news, that you pause for a moment to focus on yourself. Pause to check in with yourself and decide to take advantage of the day. If you are one of the people on the front lines battling this awful virus, then I hope this serves as a small reminder that the hard times will pass – onward and upward.

Every week I will be sharing a small series of phone backgrounds created by me with a unique theme. Download one that appeals to you and share with someone else that could use a small dose of optimism. While it will not fix any of our current struggles, it’s important to find small ways to lift your spirits. Your happiness matters – every single one of you matters.

Instructions to use background

  1. Click or Tap the image you want as your background
  2. Choose “view”
  3. Tap and Hold the image, choose “Add to Photos”
  4. Open your photos app, find your image, Click the options button
  5. Scroll down and choose “Use as Wallpaper”
  6. Adjust the size and location of the background to your liking
  7. Click “Set”
  8. Enjoy! Let me know which one you chose!

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