First Birthday

December 21, 2020

This little girl is ONE today – the girl that completed our family.  My girls bring a joy and brightness to my life that is indescribable.  Sure, there are sleepless nights, a never ending to-do list, and eternal chaos in my home.  But none of that compares to the laughter, smiles, and unforgettable moments that remind me how beautiful life is.

Ava overflows with her sweet, spunky personality.  She loves to watch me while she’s getting into something she knows she isn’t supposed to touch, to see how I will react.  If we leave a gate open, she sprint-crawls as fast as she can to explore what’s on the other side. Her toys lay dormant on the floor while she finds anything else she can to explore.  She’s so curious, spunky and happy. I never want to forget the huge smile and happy kicks I get when I wake her up in the morning. I want to remember the way she blows raspberries and shakes her booty when we put on music.  She and her sister love to have squealing contests to see who can be the loudest. My favorite thing in the world is when both of my girls climb into my lap and giggle with one another. Our house is noisy, but so full of JOY.

Motherhood is full of conflicting emotions: pride in the new skills your little one masters, mixed with a hint of sadness that they’re growing up so quickly.  Exasperation when you’re up all night with a teething little one, meanwhile your heart is full from being needed so fiercely. Feeling touched out at the end of the day, while missing their cuddles and giggles.  Motherhood is both the greatest joy and the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced. I feel so incredibly blessed to raise my two little girls.

In lieu of a birthday party, we orchestrated our own smash cake photo session.  Instead of destroying the cake, she carefully examined it and took it in. Take a look at her experience with her first cake.  I wish you could’ve heard the squeals and excited babbles. Happy first birthday Ava Jo!

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