Kayla & Jeremy Engagement

December 21, 2020

Kayla and Jeremy’s connection was undeniable from the first time they met.  After chatting online for a few weeks, they met in Suisun City with plans to walk around the marina.  At first sight, Jeremy literally swept Kayla off her feet in a passionate kiss and their plans for the evening quickly changed.  They instead spent their time sharing a takeout meal and getting to know each other in Jeremy’s car.  From then on they were inseparable.  They enjoyed going to concerts together and Jeremy encouraged Kayla to try karaoke for the first time.  They balance their lives together well – fun, hard work, and an emphasis on building their lives together as a family.

Jeremy made it official when he popped the question on the patio at the Boiling Crab.  Kayla already knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, so she responded with a “Duh!”

Their fun-loving, silly relationship was on display during our Folsom Lake engagement photoshoot.  I found myself giggling while capturing their fun and passionate connection.  They complement each other well – Kayla is quick to quip back to Jeremy’s sarcastic jokes.  It is apparent their relationship is a balance of a whole-hearted friendship and a devoted romance.

I cannot wait to document their wedding day!  Kayla said it best, “I can’t wait to celebrate our love and commitment with our loved ones and to solidify spending the rest of my life married to my best friend.”

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